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Albuquerque, November 7—The Republican Party of New Mexico is outraged at the release of a despicable and insulting last-minute televised election ad funded by outgoing New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf. It’s inconceivable that anyone would have the audacity to release such a horrific ad and to explicitly show such hatred of our police departments.  
In Egolf’s commercial–an assault on Republican House District 29 candidate Greg Cunningham–he brutalizes police officers. They are portrayed as the Gestapo, stopping women from getting abortions in New Mexico. The ad shows a woman driving another young woman to an abortion appointment. The officers in the commercial interrogate her about if she is pregnant. Then the officers forcibly remove the two from the car, with the words “REJECT GREG CUNNINGHAM” appearing on the screen.
Cunningham is a decorated Marine Corps. veteran who served in Desert Storm and a former Albuquerque Police Department officer.
The Albuquerque Police Officers Association took great offense to the commercial.
“Our radical Speaker Egolf has really crossed the line in this ad,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “It’s bad enough a last-minute ad like this comes out, but to make police officers look like Nazis and disrespect police like this is highly insensitive and insulting. This is a baseless, vicious attack against Cunningham and all police who serve and protect our communities. This is a shameful, inexcusable spot that must be condemned and cannot be tolerated.”
CLICK HERE to watch the video.
The Republican Party of New Mexico (RPNM) advances the ideals of individual liberties for the advancement of its citizens and the greater prosperity of our communities throughout New Mexico. Led by an Executive Board and its Chairman, former NM Congressman Steve Pearce, RPNM serves all New Mexicans via its headquarters in Albuquerque and can be contacted at (505) 298-3662.

  • Stop the Big lie says:

    Election deniers in the Republican Party and conservative media are helping raise Fascism in the USA.

    • Stop the Big lie says:

      If Trump won the 2020 election and had it stolen from him while being a sitting president and with strong allies in Congress and state government then he a d his allies are week.


      Maybe the GOP was in on rigging 2020?


      Trump is a con man and lied and the GOP has repeated the lie because they are to weak to stand up for the country and constitution. To afraid to stand up to a failed president.

      Either way there is no point in voting, it’s all just a rigged game, right?

  • Stop the Big lie says:

    Will RPNM condemn Trumps big lie?

    Will they condemn the the beating of police defending the nation’s capital on January 6th?

    No, because they are weak and care only about power.

    The GOP doesn’t support police if they are stopping right wing terrorists only if they take action against the poor.

    The leader of the GOP are criminals.

  • Hang Mike Pence says:

    The 2020 election outcome is Mike Pence’s fault. If he would have only done what Trump asked him Trump could still be president even after losing the electoral college and the popular vote by 7 million votes.

    Then the fake electors Steve Pierce and other Republicans sent could have cast their fake ballots.

    I sure hope Biden and Harris weren’t taking notes, she can just declare Biden winner in 2024.

    No point in voting anymore.

  • Al Puglisi says:

    This ad, asided from being a lie, is disgusting. But that is what Democrats are today…..I am pleading with my fellow Republicans to turn off KKOB radio.Every hour on the hour we have to listen to uber liberal ABC news, every hour on the half hour we have to listen to John Summers parrot Democrat party talking points and use left wing verbiage like “election deniers” and “climate deniers.”We have to listen to him blame all white people for the problems of so called “minorities.” Yes you get Bongino. Get him online. Bob Clark lets Democrats call and outright lie without challenging, if he even does anything important on his show at all. Brandon does the same.Trout is damn near a communist. Eric used to be great, now three times out of five his show is a nonsense a rodeo even though he is himself a true conservative. Levin,get him online. Turn off this new left wing station.As for the ad you talk about, KKOB played it ad nauseum. i know they cannot turn ads down but please.Tune into one of two other great , truly conservative radio stations, 96.9 FM KDAZ or 1190 A.M, Albuquerque’s Answer.Both of them do good Conserative and Christian talk all day. Not telling you what to do, pleading. Don’t give their sponsors any more of your hard earned money. KOB does not represent your values.

    • Snow flake red cap says:

      I agree all conservative snow flakes should now fully retreat to your information silos. A failure to do so might result in a dangerous exposure to facts.

    • Realityisliberalbias says:

      Reality is left wing bias.

    • Republicans are gullible says:

      You have to wonder about people like Al, that think the rest of us are so simple minded that we might be lead a stray simple by hearing a contrary opinion or fact that doesn’t fit our current world view.

  • JH Cole says:

    Even more hypocrisy! Mr. Pearce, Exec Dir Kim Skaggs and Mike Curtis wax indignant against an ad, but have not said one word about the failed attempt by a MAGA nut to kidnap and torture the Speaker of the US House.

    Ms. Skaggs, DAC GOP Chair and candidate for NM House 52 has not condemned the threats against her opponent Nathan Small or the anti-Semitic rhetoric in the letter, even though she knows that Mr. Small would condemn any of his supporters who pulled a stunt like that.

    The NM GOP needs new leaders, someone who will call out treason when they see it instead of kissing up the MAGA line all the way to Loser Trump, leaders who value the truth more than their current jobs.

  • JH Cole says:

    Just as predicted, Dems swept statewide offices partly because of your strategy of staying silent about Loser Trump and his team’s crimes. His biggest fans in AZ and PA also lost, whereas the GOP executives who stood up to him in GA won.

    Kim Skaggs lost to Nathan Small (State House 36) and she is Exec Dir of NM GOP and Dona Ana County GOP chair. In other words, your biggest horse lost on her home track. Dems kept the NM House and Senate, all as predicted.

    NM GOP needs leaders with guts and the national party needs to flush Trump ASAP.

    (I love to say I told you so.)

    • Democracy says:

      second that! GOP lost! democracy won!

    • Country over party says:

      RPNM is not just staying silent about Trumps coup many of them were/are active participants.

      America is coming for you, justice will be served.

      We shouldn’t allow the GOP a second shot at killing American democracy. 14th Amendment for all election deniers, fake electors, ect.

      Save the Republic destroy the Republican Party.

      We can bury the hatchet after we bury the fascist.

      First accountability and justice then reconciliation.

  • Sp says:

    Wonder if anyone will be disgusted with this information too? Or will it be called fake news?

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