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Albuquerque, May 16—The Republican Party of New Mexico’s “Operation Freedom” concluded today on a triumphant note, as the party’s 3-day retreat, featuring a star-studded bill, wrapped up in Texas. The exciting convention became a true metaphor for freedom as a result of Gov. Lujan Grisham’s restrictive COVID policies that prevented RPNM from holding the convention in New Mexico. 
Hundreds of supporters attended “Operation Freedom” this weekend and got a true taste of freedom. The attendees got a first-hand look at the stark contrasts between New Mexico and Texas. Amarillo is open for business, and its economy is flourishing—sales tax revenues rolling in.
Gov. Lujan Grisham’s restrictions have severely damaged our economy, workforce, and education system. Her heavy-handed policies threatened the rights and freedoms of her citizens.
Republican leadership never would have closed New Mexico.
As one speaker at “Operation Freedom” pointed out: “Liberty will always find a way to win.”
Attendees at the event could breathe freely and enjoy life as normal, as they took in a dazzling program. 
The theme of “Operation Freedom” was a positive change for New Mexico, and the speakers, panels, and presentations focused on how Republicans can work to improve the lives of New Mexicans, county-by-county, community-by-community.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan highlighted the convention with powerful, compelling speeches that addressed freedom, a need to return to traditional conservative values, and the importance to fight the nationwide radical agenda that’s poisoning our country. 
South Dakota, which never closed down or shut school doors during the pandemic, is prospering. The state has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, while New Mexico, with its harsh restrictions, now ranks 48th.
RPNM was particularly proud to have Congressional candidate Sen. Mark Moores address the convention. 
Mark is a champion of freedom, and he spoke of his love of liberty and why we must stop the ongoing radical agenda in New Mexico that’s hurting our state. He talked about how his leftist opponent, Melanie Stansbury, wants to defund the police, close prisons, eliminate ICE and the DEA. Mark stands with law enforcement, our vital oil, and gas industry, and has strong political convictions that adhere to family, faith, and freedom.
Mark will demonstrate his love for liberty when he’s in Congress.      
Mark arrived at “Operation Freedom” Friday evening and returned to Albuquerque the next morning so he could meet with more constituents. Momentum is building in the 1st Congressional District to send Mark to Washington. Republicans are ready to flip this seat.

“Operation Freedom’ was a smashing success, and we are on our way to turn anger into action for New Mexico. Our party is armed with ideas and ready to raise optimism and work with counties, businesses, and all New Mexicans to show that Republicans stand for progress, strong conservative values, and principles that all people want. Our belief system is something New Mexicans will identify with, and we are dedicated to accomplishing our mission. New Mexico is in pain, and Republicans are ready to heal our state. Our Governor really shot herself in the foot by forcing us to hold our event in Texas. New Mexico lost an economic boom, and that’s unfortunate, but Texas has always been open for business, and Amarillo welcomed us. Our left-leaning leaders refuse to understand what’s been happening—we’re losing students, businesses, and opportunities to neighboring states.”

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