Moores Campaign Releases New Ad “Listen to Melanie”

Albuquerque – Coming on the heels of three winning debate performances the Moores for Congress campaign released their latest ad “Listen to Melanie” this morning. “Listen to Melanie” uses Melanie Stansbury’s own words to highlight her radical support for the most dangerous legislation in America, the BREATHE Act. The BREATHE Act would defund the police and empty every federal prison in America within ten years. This dangerous proposal would mean that police officers can’t go within 1,000 yards of a school and would dismantle ICE, the Border Patrol, DEA, and the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. The ad will run on broadcast and cable.

“Melanie Stansbury dodged, deflected, and lied about her record three times during the televised debates but she can’t fool New Mexicans. Her words are clear, she fully supports the passage of the BREATHE Act. Melanie Stansbury wants to treat police officers like sex criminals and release some of the world’s most notorious criminals onto the streets. Don’t believe us, just listen to Melanie.”

For more information on the BREATHE Act visit:

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