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RPNM statement on more charges filed against suspect who murdered Jackie Vigil.

Albuquerque, May 7—The Republican Party of New Mexico has learned  that additional charges have been filed against the suspect charged in the brutal 2019 murder of Jackie Vigil. She was gunned down while sitting in her car in her driveway, the victim of an apparent carjacking gone wrong.
Accused killer Luis Talamantes now faces federal charges because he entered the country illegally. Prosecutors are seeking 20 years for those new charges, four times the normal sentence for similar charges.
The following is a statement from RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce on the new developments:

“This heinous crime should never have happened, and more and more illegal immigrants are being allowed into our state. There are laws to keep criminals out, but Talamantes crossed the border illegally. What’s also sad is that the failed Democratic leadership in Albuquerque at the time was unable to make an arrest. It wasn’t until Operation Legend under the Trump Administration that we saw results. That initiative poured federal resources and manpower into Albuquerque and authorities found Jackie's killer.”

You’ll recall that Sam Vigil, Jackie’s husband, took to the national stage during the Republican National Convention last year and told the harrowing and shocking story of his wife’s murder. 
Vigil has spoken out about the poor efforts in Albuquerque to find his wife’s killer and credits Trump for Talamantes’s arrest. He praised Trump for fighting hard for law and order and for the resources that went to Albuquerque, considered now one of the nation’s most dangerous cities. 
In 2021 Albuquerque is again wrestling with one of the worst homicide rates the city has ever seen and is on pace to shattering its one-year homicide record set in 2019 when the city saw 82 murders.

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