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Senator Mark Moores is the clear winner in tonight's KOB-TV Congressional debate.


Albuquerque, May 4— Tonight during a KOB-TV debate, Sen. Mark Moores proved to New Mexico voters why he deserves to go to Washington to represent the people of the 1st Congressional District. Moores debated with Democrat Melanie Stansbury and Libertarian Chris Manning in what was a clear victory for the Republican as the candidates addressed crime, law enforcement, economic issues, energy, and immigration.
Moores showed he is more qualified and one who possesses a firm grasp of vital issues affecting New Mexico. During the debate, he provided concise, clear answers on key issues. He focused on the need to get tough on crime, support law enforcement, protect our vital oil and gas industry, and keep our border secure.
Moores demonstrated that his conservative agenda is best for New Mexico and that Stansbury’s radical platform would cause serious harm to the state. Stansbury’s leftist agenda calls for defunding police, damaging our oil and gas industry, weakening our border, and going along with President Biden’s progressive agenda. Her positions are dangerous.
Moores consistently illustrated how out of touch Stansbury is and how her positions would hurt New Mexico’s economy, businesses, and livelihoods. 
Stansbury looked weak, uneasy, and unsure of her answers, and she seemed unable to address challenging questions. With just two years in the legislature, her lack of political experience was obvious. Stansbury seemed like a timid Biden puppet, and she offered no real answers. 
Moores, however, exuded confidence, explaining in detail how he will help New Mexicans in Congress. He gave examples, explained his positions clearly, and provided solutions to key problems facing our state. 

“Tonight’s debate showed the public that Mark Moores is the clear choice for Congress. Mark is ready to lead. He truly understands how New Mexico has suffered under a radical agenda that’s hurt businesses, education and caused so much despair among New Mexicans. Mark will bring a strong conservative voice to Capitol Hill, and he will fight hard for his constituents. He will restore traditional values to the District and make sure the peoples’ voices are heard. Mark is a leader who will know how to get things done in Washington.”

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  • Ronald Gamache says:

    Great job Mark, now if we can get Donald Trump to come here and have rally in his support it would be a slam dunk. Has anybody reached out?

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