A joint statement from RPNM Executive Board members on Women's History Month.

Albuquerque, March 1—Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month. The following is a joint statement from the five elected  women officers of the Republican Party of New Mexico:

“Each March affords us an opportunity to honor and celebrate the many important achievements and contributions made by women throughout our history. We honor all women and those particular trailblazers who fought tooth and nail throughout the centuries to make our nation more equal and just. The Republican Party initiated the drive for the right of women to vote and was also the first party to advocate for equal rights and pay for women. Our party will always stand for these values and principles, and we salute these women pioneers and today’s trailblazers who promote freedom and make America a better place to live.”

Women of the Executive Board Tweet

Tina Dziuk, New Mexico’s Republican National Committeewoman, also made the following remarks today in observance of Women’s History Month:

“There was a time we didn’t see many women in fields such as politics, business, science, medicine, and technology, to name a few. How grateful I am to the women who’ve come before me, making these advancements possible. I remain committed to the cause of helping other women succeed, and thankful to the many that continue to help me.”

Ali Ennenga, the Republican Party of New Mexico’s CD-1 Vice-Chair:

“I have taken great cues and courage from women in history. For example, Rosa Parks finally took a stand. She reached HER precipice of destruction – the point when you reach the last straw and say enough!  She refused to sit at the back of a bus. She DID something! She said ‘I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.’ I’m not afraid, because her courage gives me the courage to do the very best I can to make a stand – without fear.”

Ali Ennenga, CD1 Vice Chair Tweet
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