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“Living Large Lujan" Strikes Again: Grisham's greed inexcusable as she goes on a wild food and booze spending spree while New Mexicans continue to suffer.

Albuquerque, February 19—The sense of aristocracy, entitlement, and purposeful class divide cannot be clearer.

First, it was “Jewelry Gate”, now it is “Grocery Gate”.

The Governor racked up a $6,000 grocery bill that includes fancy steaks and hundreds of dollars in alcohol.

Here’s her menu, which just happens to be a recipe for bad leadership: Wagyu beef, top sirloin, tuna steaks (which sell on Amazon for $64 a per pound), and Crown Royal. The irony—it is all on the taxpayer’s dime.

While she is feasting large, the state has been shut down, jobs have dried up and people have lost hope. The jobless rate soared, hundreds of establishments were forced to close permanently and mom-and-pop stores were desperately trying to stay afloat.

All this is revealed in a stinging KOB-TV investigative report that shows Gov. Lujan Grisham’s spending spree where she insists on having the best gourmet food on the market, while hungry and unemployed New Mexicans seek work, businesses struggle to stay open and students are forced to be schooled online.

This feeding frenzy is shocking but hardly surprising. After all, who went shopping for exotic jewelry while she closed jewelry businesses to all other New Mexicans during the pandemic?

Greedy Grisham’s behavior, while it may be legal, is hardly gubernatorial; it’s cruel, insensitive and reinforces the image of a governor who kills jobs for some New Mexicans while living large. It is ever clearer who our Governor really is and what her priorities are.

This is not good government. This is not efficient government.

This is hypocritical government.

KOB-TV: “The timeframe of our review, July 1st through December 31, 2020, covers a time period when Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham restricted capacity of grocery stores, urged New Mexicans to limit time out of their homes and restricted business operations through a series of emergency public health orders.”

What’s even worse, a Governor’s spokesman confesses to KOB-TV that these lavish feeds with Cabinet and staff were happening inside the Governor’s Residence. The spokesman admits that during these meetings, guests were fed gourmet meals.

They were wining and dining at the Governor’s house at the taxpayer’s expense.

We are supposed to be social distancing, and the Governor is entertaining in her home! 

The Governor again doesn’t practice what she decrees. She and her insiders are feasting and drinking in her home, while she discourages New Mexicans from letting people into theirs.

Never mind, Governor, that your state’s unemployment rate is skyrocketing to 8.2%, that one in three New Mexican children and one in five adults face food insecurity and New Mexico’s food banks keep struggling to keep up with the overwhelming need.

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