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RPNM calls on the Governor to fight Washington to protect our state's vital oil and gas industry.

Albuquerque, February 2–The Republican Party of New Mexico has generated and begun circulating a statewide petition, calling on Gov. Lujan Grisham to take immediate action to protect New Mexico’s essential oil and gas industry–one that’s under siege by President Biden’s executive orders.

“The Governor cannot roll over and watch New Mexico suffer even more. RPNM believes it’s imperative the Governor demonstrates her support and commitment to this critical industry by taking suitable action to protect her state and its constituents.”

Nike Kern, Executive Director Tweet

The petition demands the Governor contact the President, members of New Mexico’s Congressional delegation, and others to stop enforcement of these executive actions that will severely damage our economy, gut the state’s budget and cost New Mexico thousands of jobs. The petition is being distributed to constituents across the state, on social media, and elsewhere.

Biden’s executive orders would ban new leases on oil drilling and suspend new drilling permits on public lands. Another action would block the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Gov. Lujan Grisham has made it clear she doesn’t support or protect oil and gas, New Mexico’s most important industry. The Governor has promised to support oil and gas if it came under attack. Well, it’s under attack.

She’s been silent.

The essential and profitable oil and gas industry is the heartbeat of New Mexico’s economy, providing billions to the state and more than 100,000 direct or indirect jobs. Oil and gas contribute more than 40% of the revenues to our annual state budget and pays for education and key state programs.

Biden’s actions could not have come at a worse time. Lack of oil and gas revenue would create a cloud of uncertainty for our state’s financial future.

The petition serves as an admonishment and a call to action, stressing the immediate need for the Governor to act on this urgent issue. The Biden Administration’s energy policies threaten the productivity and the future of New Mexico. Gov. Lujan Grisham must protect her state, its economy, and its people. Her poor decisions pertaining to COVID-19 have already devastated the state’s economy, crushed businesses, and dashed the hopes of citizens.

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