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RPNM supports the lawsuit filed by House Republicans over new legislative session rules.

Albuquerque, February 1—Today Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce issued the following statement on the New Mexico House Republicans’ lawsuit over rules on holding a virtual legislative session.

“This legal action is a proper recourse to protect New Mexicans’ rights and keep transparency in our government. The State Constitution strictly states that the legislature ‘shall hold its sessions at the seat of government.’ Having all meetings, hearings and floor votes online around the state is hardly open government and fails to provide honest input from all citizens who want to participate in this important legislative process. It’s obvious that House Speaker Egolf and other Democrats want to keep Republicans from being seen on the floor, conducting good and transparent government. Democrats forcing Republicans to go online, even when they’re in the chamber is absurd and unlawful. These session rules are unconstitutional and prevent many legislators in parts of the state from having equal access to their constituents.”

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