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RPNM statement on Gov. Lujan Grisham's State of the State Address.

Albuquerque, January 26—This afternoon Gov. Lujan Grisham delivered her third State of the State AddressShe gave her annual speech virtually due to the pandemic.

The following is RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce’s statement on the Governor’s Address:

“The Governor again insulted New Mexico’s biggest and most important industry—oil and gas—failing to mention how President Biden’s energy policies will kill New Mexico jobs and our state’s economy. Instead of saving jobs, she’s failed to call for an exemption for New Mexico as she’s promised. Where’s the governor’s request been to help New Mexico as this vital industry becomes threatened?”

“In a tacit agreement with her critics about her handling of New Mexico’s schools, the Governor has suddenly decided to reopen classes amid great pressure. Without any scientific information or logic (just one of New Mexico’s 33 counties is green), the Governor reversed her position on schools. Students should have been in class all year, and now they’ve fallen behind in the worst education system in the nation.”

“Today the Governor offered no bold vision or strong initiatives to jump-start an economy that she’s driven into the ground by her mismanagement in dealing with the pandemic. Under her leadership this past year, she’s destroyed our state, crushed our businesses, hurt our students, and dashed hopes for our citizens. This Address was hardly inspiring to New Mexicans who have suffered so much this past year.”

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