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President Biden's administration temporarily freezes new drilling permits and leases on U.S. lands: Move could lead to serious damage to the American economy.

Albuquerque, January 21—President Biden has signed an executive order green-lighting a 60-day suspension on new drilling, permits and leases on federal lands. This move will interrupt plans for oil producers who rely on permits to further oil production. The Biden Administration says the order is needed to review recent energy decisions.

This is another example of President Biden’s plan to hamper the progress of the oil and gas industry’s access to federal lands in New Mexico and other states. This land covers almost all offshore acreage and one-fifth of the U.S. landmass.

“President Biden continues to attack the precious and vital oil and gas industry. In the last two years, America has become more energy self-sufficient under President Trump. But with this brazen move, President Biden could soon force the United States to depend on foreign nations—many of which fund terrorism–to sell us their oil which would help destabilize the world. This foreign dependence will also damage our economy and will cost U.S. jobs.”

President Biden has made it clear that he intends to destroy the fossil fuels industry with his plan to use and promote green energy sources.  The oil and gas industry in New Mexico is among the most important sources of revenue in the state, and it accounts for more than 100,000 direct or related jobs.

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