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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

Gov. Lujan Grisham’s decision to tighten restrictions starting Monday continues to exemplify her lack of leadership when it comes to addressing the pandemic.

Throughout the year the Chief Executive has randomly targeted businesses, shut down establishments and reopened them at various capacities.

It didn’t work.

One must wonder why the governor’s latest actions will have different results from those before. The logic isn’t there.

The governor’s methods have, in fact, made New Mexico among the worst states for rising COVID-19 cases. All this is happening as surrounding states, like Texas and Arizona, report steadier rates, keep businesses open, and allow students to attend classes.

In addition, New Mexico has received more than $1.25 billion from the federal government to address the COVID-19 crisis.  Yes, more than a billion dollars! Where’s the money, governor? How has this money been used? Why are other states doing better?

The following is a statement from the Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce regarding today’s revised Public Health Order restrictions by the governor.

“Gov. Lujan Grisham cannot seem to get a handle on controlling the rising number of COVID-19 cases here. Her two-week trial crackdown will continue to destroy our fragile economy and cause more pain and distress for New Mexicans. They are the ones who have lost their livelihoods and confidence in the governor’s decisions. The average working New Mexican is just trying to pay his bills and keep his family afloat. How can he do that now? Perhaps the governor, her Cabinet and government workers—in the spirit of equity– might give up their paychecks and share the statewide pain. How about if they all agree not to accept a paycheck until all businesses are reopened?”

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