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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 30 — The despicable behavior of a Democratic State Senator last weekend during an encounter with State Police demonstrates the worst when it comes to expectations of our New Mexico lawmakers.

District 26 Senator Jacob Candeleria had called State Police to his apartment to help him after he received a threatening phone call, but when officers arrived, Candeleria berated them for how they interpreted the call. The officers were simply performing their duty by collecting information about the call.

During the discussion with officers, Candeleria burst into a tirade of abuse, constantly bragging that he was a senator and demanding respect because of his government position. He aired his “superiority” of being a state senator multiple times in an arrogant way.

During his tirade, Candeleria even threatened to call the governor to punish the helpful officers. Senator Candeleria disrespected State Police. It’s unspeakable that a public servant would treat law enforcement in this disrespectful manner, especially given his position.

Here’s the three-minute video of the encounter.

What does this say about this Democratic incumbent? Is this the kind of lawmaker we want representing New Mexicans—insulting and berating police?

And here’s the touch of irony: Democrats nationwide have called for defunding the police, but now the Senator is seeking special privileges for lawmakers! Candeleria wants to make police more responsive to threats against elected officials, despite him repelling from his home the very people he asked to help him. No state lawmaker should get special privileges above the constituents they represent.

“This is the kind of hypocritical behavior that makes voters lose faith in their elected leaders, who are supposed to serve them—not serve themselves,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “All law enforcers must receive respect–period. They are here to serve and protect. No one is above the law in New Mexico. Senator Candeleria’s childish and self-important behavior is unbecoming of the New Mexico Senate—a body meant to be mature and deliberative. He doesn’t deserve the honor of serving in any office of public trust. Senator Candeleria doesn’t deserve your vote on Tuesday to return to the Roundhouse.”


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