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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 21 — Tonight Republican Mark Ronchetti showed New Mexico why voters should send him to Washington as their next United States Senator. Ronchetti proved the clear choice for New Mexicans as he went toe to toe with Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Lujan in a KOAT-TV/Albuquerque Journal debate that addressed issues including COVID-19, the economy, healthcare and crime.

Ronchetti illustrated to New Mexicans how Lujan is a failed, out-of-touch politician who doesn’t vote for New Mexico’s interests in Washington. When asked about his accomplishments in Congress over 12 years, Lujan fumbled and couldn’t deliver a concrete answer on how he’s helped his constituents. Ronchetti systematically revealed how Lujan has let down New Mexico time after time.

In contrast, Ronchetti provided voters with clear and concise responses to questions and demonstrated a strong command of the state’s pressing issues. He was direct, agile, knowledgeable and on target as he addressed the state’s crime problem and the pangs of economic distress here at home. Ronchetti provided specifics, solutions and offered a real vision for a safer and stronger New Mexico.

Lujan could hardly keep up. He was weak, defensive and spoke in generalities, avoiding most questions. He seemed frustrated, offering vague promises of a better future but could not elaborate.

Ronchetti was confident, prepared and easily exposed Lujan’s weak record in Congress, one that consistently sides with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the left.

Lujan simply couldn’t make a case for a Senate seat.

Ronchetti did, offering New Mexicans direction, details and a true plan for progress.

“Tonight the stark differences between Ronchetti and Lujan were startling,” noted Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “Lujan is an out-of-touch liberal who cannot connect with the people of New Mexico in these tough times. His weak record speaks for itself, and tonight proved it. Mark Ronchetti is ready to lead our state into the future with his strong agenda, his conservative political convictions and his belief in true family values.”


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