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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 7 — Tonight’s 2nd Congressional District debate on KOB-TV clearly showed viewers why Yvette Herrell should be elected to Congress. Herrell tackled tough questions with clear, concise answers that addressed serious issues including border security, education and energy.

During the debate, Rep. Torres Small continued to mislead voters, pretending she advocates conservative values for her District’s constituents when she has voted for gun control, radical policies and sides with Speaker Pelosi 95% of the time. Torres Small could not defend her Washington record that consistently contrasts with what’s best for the 2nd Congressional District. Voters can see that she plays the role of conservative here in her District but supports leftist policies when she’s in Washington.

Torres Small tried to play her shell game tonight, but voters are smart: they know she can’t play on both sides of the political fence. Her votes and decisions have offended our constituents in Southern New Mexico and done little to improve the lives of New Mexicans.

Herrell was sharp, on message and exposed the incumbent’s weak positions. Herrell demonstrated that she has a plan for the District, a true vision and understands the needs of constituents in Southern New Mexico.

“Yvette Herrell proved tonight that she’s an honest, driven conservative and a candidate who is consistent in her positions,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “She showed she has strong political convictions and has a plan to bring jobs and economic development to the District. She showed her strengths this evening and proved she’s the right choice for the 2nd Congressional District seat. Yvette represents what’s good for the District and what’s right for New Mexico.”

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