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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 7 — Tonight in Salt Lake City America witnessed true leadership and vision in Vice President Mike Pence. During the debate, the nation also saw a Democratic Vice Presidential candidate who is way out of touch with Mainstream America. With Kamala Harris, Joe Biden is embracing a radical, leftist agenda that would destroy our nation.

Vice President Pence has led the Coronavirus Task Force that’s delivered a bold response to COVID-19. He defended the national COVID-19 mobilization and pointed out how the Administration’s actions have helped save lives.

Throughout the evening Harris advocated a multi-trillion dollar government takeover of healthcare, higher taxes, a ban on fracking and other dangerous leftist policies. She promoted the $93 trillion Green New Deal, which would destroy the oil and gas industry and cost millions of jobs. The Biden-Harris national plan would generate a massive $4 trillion dollar tax hike for Americans.

Throughout the evening, Vice President Pence was strong, confident and on-point, making a solid case for four more years for the Trump Administration. He spoke of a reviving economy, strong job growth, across-the-board tax cuts, a powerful military, strong trade deals and the strengthening of our alliances across the globe. Pence promoted Trump’s pro-life stand and his push to make the Supreme Court more conservative. Pence spoke of the Biden-Harris ticket’s support of taxpayer-funded abortion.

Throughout the evening Harris replaced facts with opinion as she tried to distort the Trump Administration’s accomplishments. After the debate, political observers called Harris brash, arrogant and plain nasty.

The Vice President clearly offered the nation a plan, a real vision, while Harris seemed flustered and unable to grasp many of the issues.

“Tonight we saw that the difference between the Trump-Pence ticket and the Biden-Harris ticket is startling. The latter will only lead our country into social and moral decay,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “The Democratic ticket’s socialist agenda will bankrupt our coffers and bankrupt the very essence of our nation. Working with President Trump, Vice President Pence is leading our Great American Comeback that’s already delivered more than 11 million jobs back to the economy in 5 months. By having Harris on the Biden ticket makes us even more confident that we will turn New Mexico red in November and have four more years of prosperity, growth, and America First policies that will continue to lift up all New Mexicans.”

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