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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, OCTOBER 1 — The Republican Party of New Mexico has learned through various documents in an ethics complaint filed with the state that New Mexico Democratic House District 70 candidate Ambrose Castellano doesn’t meet residency requirements. RPNM is asking the Secretary of State to remove him as a legitimate legislative candidate.

Castellano’s Declaration of Candidacy form was not truthfully or correctly completed. He lists his address as a Post Office box, which cannot be considered a legal residence.

The candidate actually lives 60 miles outside District 70 at a Santa Fe address. That’s where he spends most of his time, according to the complaint.

Castellano also submitted a map to the state to show his physical address, but it was a map of the entire District and did not pinpoint a specific residence that can be verified by the County Clerk as legally required.

In fact, he cannot prove he actually resides in the District where he is running.

Such a failure renders that Ambrose Castellano’s Declaration is invalid, and he should be disqualified as a legislative candidate.

“Any candidate’s integrity must be of the highest caliber,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “To fail to tell the truth about one’s address is a shameful action and an insult to constituents. A candidate must play by the rules. A candidate must be honest and cannot stretch the rules or cheat in the election process.”

It’s not just Castellano’s residency qualifications that raise a red flag. The candidate has a checkered past and has been investigated for unscrupulous behavior. Those actions involve back taxes and misusing public funds.

On Castellano’s watch as a Luna Community College trustee, education funds were used on luxury hotel rooms and questionable contracts.

While a School Board member in the West Las Vegas School District, Castellano had to defend the Board’s actions during an FBI investigation of abusing federal funds meant to help low-income preschoolers. Castellano also used his position to steer lucrative, high-dollar contracts to family members.

He’s also been accused of mismanaging the District’s budget, requiring the state to step in and freeze the West Las Vegas School District’s funds because bilingual education funds were used on parties and exercise equipment.

Castellano is hardly fit to become a member of New Mexico’s legislature.


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