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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, SEPTEMBER 6 — A recent presidential poll published by the Albuquerque Journal and conducted by Research & Polling Inc. is not a projectable reflection of the election in November.

Polls conducted in the summer often fail to be reflective of November elections. Campaigns don’t start until after Labor Day. There will be nationally televised presidential debates, and candidates will spend millions in media advertising. To conduct a poll during late summer may be useful, but in New Mexico there are more than 283,000 unaffiliated voters who were not involved in the Primary Election.

According to New Mexico’s Secretary of State’s Office, Democrats represent 45.6% of registered voters, Republicans 31% and independent/unaffiliated voters 21.6%. The article didn’t address whether the poll sampled more Democratic registered voters than the current reported percentages.

“This summer poll raises a lot of questions,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “The preliminary findings may be suspect because there are so many undecided and unaffiliated voters who will make decisions closer to Election Day. This poll leaves doubt, and there’s little credence regarding how registered voters will respond this fall.”

“The Trump Campaign is strong and vibrant in New Mexico and has registered thousands of new Republican voters over the past few months. We are ready to turn the state red.”

This article also fails to remind readers that the 2016 presidential election was decided in the last two weeks, and many people decided it on Election Day.

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