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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, AUGUST 28 — The Republican Party of New Mexico stands in full support with the City of Española after Gov. Lujan Grisham insulted and embarrassed the community of approximately 10,000 during her Public Health Order press conference yesterday.

The governor shamed Española when she described how she was driving though the town and noticed no one wearing a mask.

To single out one of her state’s towns like this is wrong and uncalled for. Perhaps she did see a handful of people maskless. Were they walking to their car after shopping? Perhaps they had a mask in their pocket?

Humiliation is not the answer.

The whole city of Española cannot be blamed and shamed like this when it’s likely most people in that great community cover up. Out of 10,000 people, the governor attacks the city because a few are seen this way? Every New Mexico community is working to comply with the governor’s mask decree, but no one can be expected  to don one every minute of the day. Española is like any other community—masks are worn, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. This is everywhere.

Again, the governor is acting like a ruler with complete power. Here, she passes through a town in her capital chariot and chastises Nortenos along the side of the road.

The Republican Party is promoting the idea of Respect New Mexico—not Offend New Mexico. A governor should know better, a governor should respect her constituents.

There’s no reason to be condescending to your constituents.

Why single out Española? Well, it’s no secret that the Trump Campaign has a massive Hispanic outreach effort throughout New Mexico and that one of the Trump Hispanic Outreach offices is in—you guessed it—Española.

Española’s Republican mayor is horrified at the governor’s behavior and has called her out. Here’s Mayor Javier Sanchez’s op-ed.

Governor, you owe this New Mexico city an apology.


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