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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

President Trump announced this afternoon he’s signed a bill and a separate executive order that address relations with China. The legislation is designed to hold China more accountable for its aggressive actions against Hong Kong and would impose sanctions against China in response to any interference with Hong Kong autonomy. Trump also noted that China has violated its treaty to allow Hong Kong to operate under a free-market economy, and he’s going to hold China accountable for breaking that treaty and other human rights violations. 

The President also took the opportunity to discuss the 2020 Campaign and his presumptive Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

The following are two statements from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on today’s press conference:

“President Trump again exerted his strength and statesmanship today as he continues to hold China accountable for its actions. This Communist regime cannot be allowed to take advantage of Americans or American interests, and Trump is ensuring this won’t happen. It’s imperative we take measures to help protect peoples’ rights around the world.”

“The President again clearly distinguished himself from Joe Biden during this press conference. He explained issue by issue how Biden’s radical left policies would ruin this great nation. Trump demonstrated once again how his policies on crime, the economy and trade have made our nation stronger. Trump continues to show courage and vision during these difficult times.”

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