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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico
The 2020 Republican Quadrennial Convention was held this past weekend via a virtual platform.

In all, 22 National Delegates will attend the Republican National Convention in late August.

The National Delegates include 10 statewide delegates, 3 from each of New Mexico’s three Congressional Districts, Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce, National Committeeman Harvey Yates and National Committeewoman Rosie Tripp.

Jim Townsend, New Mexico House Minority Leader, and Tina Dziuk, Roosevelt County Chairwoman, were elected to replace Yates and Tripp as National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. They will begin serving after the Republican National Convention.

In May each New Mexico county had held its own Quadrennial Convention where delegates were selected to vote for national delegates at the statewide Convention.

Also elected at the statewide Convention were 17 alternate delegates.

Here are New Mexico’s National Delegates and alternates:

Statewide Delegates: 

Phil Archuleta
Amy Barela
Tina Dziuk
Andrea Goff
Debbie Weh Maestes
Rick Montoya
Cynthia Pearce
Jim Townsend
Don Tripp
Allen Weh

Statewide Alternates:

Ryan Cangiolosi
Melissa Fryzel
Johnathan Gardner
Michael Horanburg
Andrea Moore
Cecilia Martinez Salazar
Paul Smith
Jan Yates

1st Congressional District:

Renee Grout
Anthony “Ant” Thorton
Tom Tinnin

1st Cong. Dist. Alternates

Nadine Edleman
Megan McMillian
Linda Nichols

2nd Congressional District

Rocky Galassini
Francine Heckert
Yvette Herrell

2nd Cong. Dist. Alternates

Claire Chase
John Garst
Isabella Solis

3rd Congressional District

Rod Montoya
Anita Statman
Rodney L. Tahe

3rd Cong. Dist. Alternates

Deborah Cox
Bob Graham
Terri Merkley

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