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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico
Gov. Lujan Grisham had a chance yesterday at a press conference to explain herself, apologize and make amends for her selfish and hypocritical behavior last month by having a jewelry store reopened so she could make a buy. At that time, by her decree, all non-essential businesses were ordered closed and no curbside delivery allowed.

Instead, Lujan Grisham and her Office are doubling down on their Pinocchio responses.

KRQE broke the story that the governor contacted an Albuquerque store employee and arranged for the worker to get the jewelry and place it outside the store door. Someone who knew the governor picked it up. Now the governor “takes issue” with the report, although two emails from her spokespersons clearly reveal the store was opened, jewelry taken and that the governor received it. After the story aired, the governor never contacted the TV station to address inaccuracies, yet in public she claimed there were “inaccuracies.” She wouldn’t elaborate.

It’s apparent there’s turmoil at the Roundhouse as the governor’s inner circle scrambles to align stories.

Just tell the truth, governor. You keep distorting it…

Instead, Lujan Grisham goes to her sleight of hand to divert attention elsewhere. She says it’s the “political season,” intimating that if it weren’t, her shameful behavior would never have surfaced, and she would not have been forced to lie and cover up. 

Wrong Governor. Fair play, equal treatment under the law and the truth are never out of season. 

The governor changes the truth every day and must come clean. She is not above the law. Her pretzel logic, discriminatory actions and her inability to be honest with New Mexicans have become a trademark.

This governor and her team have set a poor example when it comes to adhering to rules, particularly at the expense of her constituents. Her hypocrisy is disgraceful because she benefited herself while tens of thousands of local businesses and New Mexicans suffered.

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