Press Release|

Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

This afternoon Gov. Lujan Grisham held a virtual press conference to announce some changes to her public health order. The following is a statement from RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce:

“The governor’s haphazard approach to reopening the state is hurtful and disastrous to New Mexicans. She seems to fling darts at an economic dartboard to determine who opens next and by how much. Tens of thousands of small businesses and houses of worship must still suffer at 25% capacity while other establishments reopen at 50%. There’s no real method to this, and her inequitable and discriminatory decisions continue to kill our economy. New Mexico retailers are dying, as she gives out of state corporate giants our cash. The governor has offered no consistent strategy to help the little guy in the state in a fair way. It seems strange, too, that “technical difficulties” prevented the media from asking any questions the day after KRQE  outed her for buying diamonds.”

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