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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico
The Republican Party of New Mexico is outraged to learn that across New Mexico everyday people and small business owners have steadily been harassed or persecuted for adhering to their beliefs and defending their freedoms during this public health order. RPNM is well aware that many constituents fear exercising their civil rights lest they become targets of ridicule or threats. Some of these New Mexicans have elected to reopen their businesses to avoid bankruptcy or have chosen not to wear a mask, a choice they freely see as theirs. Our residents cannot live in fear of exercising their God-given rights and freedoms.

A number of mom-and-pop stores, which have asked not to be identified, tell RPNM they’ve received threatening calls, warning them not to reopen. Is this America? Is this freedom to conduct commerce? It’s our right and their right to try to protect their livelihoods, civil rights and freedoms.

This harassment and humiliation is also taking place in the public forum. A Facebook page called “Alamogordo Name and Shame” was launched to embarrass people who don’t wear face masks. If you choose not to wear a face mask in public, your picture is plastered on social media.  How’s that for taking away your freedoms, your sense of privacy and your dignity?

This authoritarian mentality has seemed to rub off from the Lujan Grisham Administration, which has decided to bully its people, forcing them to adhere to inequitable government rules that raise questions surrounding rights violations. The governor mandated people to wear masks in public saying:  “in terms of enforcement, extreme positive peer pressure.” Those words set in motion and encouraged this bullying mentality that we see being exhibited by loyalists against the reopening.

“These calls and threats are from radicals, who refuse to acknowledge the damage the governor has inflicted on her state,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “I understand why they are lashing out–they’re frustrated, and rightly so, but to torment and threaten anyone cannot ever be tolerated. That’s just wrong.”

And it goes beyond persecution of average New Mexicans trying to survive or save their business.

A handful of Republican state lawmakers and their wives have gotten threatening phone calls or emails by disgruntled constituents. These horrible threats from the Left demonstrate some people know no bounds when it comes to their anger and will go to any lengths to try to shame and blame Republicans for the statewide damage incurred by the progressive Lujan Grisham Administration.

“My understanding is that these angry people are calling to say lawmakers aren’t listening, and that they are hurting the citizens,” said Republican House Leader Jim Townsend. “But we Republlicans are the ones that have tried to reason and explain to the Administration that what the governor is doing is killing our state. We have alerted her about the fiscal and economic consequences. It’s shameful and wrong that people are threatening us, especially when the governor created this huge fiscal and economic disaster.”

RPNM again wants to reiterate that the health and public safety of all New Mexicans are paramount and that an equitable, common- sense approach to this health crisis would have kept the state on more solid fiscal and economic ground; this, as science says we’re at a very low risk in New Mexico.

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