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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

Yesterday, the Governor of New Mexico’s top spokesman issued an appalling and despicable tweet In which he called Republicans a “death cult” that’s “preaching accelerated illness & death because they ‘love’ business…”

Twenty-four hours later, Gov. Lujan Grisham has not rebuked Tripp Stelnicki or even acknowledged his revolting tweet. Her failure to act to discipline her subordinate makes his reckless words her words: his message–her message, his slander–her slander.

It is obvious the governor wants no dissent, from inside or outside her Administration.

This current controversy arose when the Republican Party of New Mexico pointed out in a press conference, which included small business owners sharing their stories, that the governor is cozy with out of state corporate giants, the big box stores, while she is killing the little guy – the men and women who own small businesses across New Mexico. More than half of small businesses are women-owned, 25% Hispanic-owned.

The tweet from Stelnicki is not only horrifying and insensitive, but completely false. RPNM has always put health and safety first in this pandemic. We, in fact, pointed out that shoppers are far more likely to be exposed to the COVID-19 in the mass of shoppers in the big box stores than they would in a small business.

This revolting tweet has no place in an Administration that must represent all New Mexicans.

When asked in an Associated Press report about his reprehensible statements, Stelnicki declined to answer the question and said that his “tweet speaks for itself…I have nothing else to say about it.”

“By the governor doing nothing after her Communications Director spewed such hatred and despicable statements, it’s apparent these are her beliefs as well” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “Our Party has always put health and safety first. New Mexicans are suffering, and if the governor won’t rebuke her staff for such disgusting remarks, then they become her words.”

The Republicans bring up valid questions about the governor’s policy choices which are hurting the backbone of New Mexico’s economy.

Likewise, we are asking urgent questions about the governor’s health care executive order which has resulted in deaths of patients who were refused treatment because of her policy. One of the most bizarre results of her guidelines are hospitals that are laying off staff in the midst of a health emergency.

Instead of a reasoned, plain language explanation to voters to prove that their decisions are the appropriate responses, the governor repeats the same talking points more loudly and directs personal attacks like Stelnicki launched.

In a pathetic attempt to bail out her boss, another spokesperson for the governor told a reporter that it’s the Republican Party’s problem if it believes the tweet is about the Party. According to the news report, spokesperson Nora Meyers Sackett said in an email: “The tweet in question does not reference any person, group, or organization specifically by name — if someone seems to think it’s about them, I’d say they’ve placed that upon themselves.”

Still no word from the governor after her Communications Director tweeted his repulsive comments and another spokesperson tries to awkwardly justify them.

Tripp Stelnicki’s words are now Gov. Lujan Grisham’s words: his offenses–her offenses, his weakness–her weakness.

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