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Speaker McCarthy Joins Yvette Herrell in Las Cruces for Big Announcement

Las Cruces, April 10 — Today, former Congresswoman Yvette Herrell was joined by U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy in Las Cruces for an event to announce Herrell’s run for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District seat (CD 2), which will become attainable in 2024.

Hundreds of supporters packed the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Museum in anticipation of Yvette Herrell’s announcement. New Mexico Republican Senators Crystal Diamond (District 35) and David Gallegos (District 41) took to the platform first to champion Yvette’s history in Congress and the importance of taking back this seat.

Cheers erupted, and the energetic crowd gave a standing ovation as Yvette Herrell and Speaker McCarthy were welcomed onto the stage. Yvette criticized current CD 2 Congressman Gabe Vasquez’s radical voting record.

“We don’t have anyone watching out for our interests and what’s important to us. He voted no on increasing American energy. Pushing our prices down for gas and utilities— he voted no. This is the guy who voted against Republicans to repeal the DC law that was soft on crime giving carjackers and murderers a free pass. He voted no on protecting the unborn; he voted no on the Abortion Born Alive Act. He doesn’t care about your kids either; he just voted against the ‘Parents Bill of Rights Act.’ With friends like that, who needs enemies?” she said.

Yvette revealed her big announcement, “I just wanted you to be the first; this is the kickoff for 2024, U.S. Congress!”

She shared her campaign plans, “Together we will take our country back, we will secure the border, we will stop fentanyl, we will get our kids educated, we will protect our veterans, we will protect parents, we will get out of harms way when it comes to China and Russia—we will use your money for you…America needs more God and less government.”

Speaker McCarthy was introduced and shared the House Republican vision. Alluding to his early support of Yvette Herrell, he said, “Every time I’ve done that, that person has won.”

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce issued the following statement:

“We are grateful to Speaker McCarthy for taking time away from his hard work in Washington D.C. to come to New Mexico and support a Republican candidate for our 2nd Congressional District. The enthusiasm surrounding Yvette Herrell’s campaign announcement shows that New Mexicans aren’t happy with Gabe Vasquez’s progressive leadership. Gabe is indebted to the radical left and out of touch with many industries that his district relies on, like oil and gas. CD 2 is shaping up to be a very competitive race in 2024, and I look forward to seeing a Republican win back this seat.”

The Republican Party of New Mexico does not officially endorse any candidate before the primary election.

  • JH Cole says:

    As foretold, no “Statement” about Justice and Ginni Thomas and their travels with GOP donors, and no statement about the TN House’s anti-democratic outrage.

    Y. Herrell brought Lyin’ Ted here last year, thereby exposing her Texas values, and this week’s rally with the Squeaker of the House shows she doesn’t care about getting anything done to help New Mexicans.

    MAGA leaders keep shrinking their minority cult and Gabe Vasquez gains followers every month.

  • JH Cole says:

    This site needs to condemn the dozens of mass shootings since 4/10, and if the NM GOP had real leaders they would have done it already. Current “leaders”–Pearce, Barela, Skaggs, Herrell–must be too timid to lead the MAGA base and can only go along with it or stay silent.

    Meanwhile, Gabe Vasquez’s support for common-sense firearms regulations attracts more independents and moderates every week.

    • Solomon Pena is a terrorist says:

      How can they condemn gun violence? They can’t even properly condemn Solomon Pena, one of their own, for his politically motivated, organized, shooting spree that RPNM help facilitate with their election denial-ism.

      The GOP leadership, include the loathsome Steve Pearce, have given up on democracy. They know they can’t win elections with their ideas and they have refused repeatedly to try and fix their party and platform to be more appealing to voters. Instead they are committing to undemocratic rule and are working hard at a state level to gerrymander, restrict voting access, give state legislators and courts and other political bodies the ability to override the will of the people.

      Steve Pearce and Yvette Herrell and others in RPNM attempted to submit fake electors during the 2020 election. If this had worked it would have thrown out the will of the majority of NM voters who voted for President Joe Biden. THIS IS TREASON. It’s not politics as normal, these smug fascist think they can cheat New Mexico?

      Election denial-ism, the GOP’s habit of saying US elections are stolen rather than accepting defeat, will bring this great republic down if not checked.

      Steve Pearce, and his underlings that run this site are STILL participating in election denial-ism more than 2 years since terrorist stormed the Capital on J6! Even after one of their own, Solomon Pena, takes up a pistol and shot up ABQ because he believed their BS about his own election. Solomon Pena is just Like Donald Judas Trump, the are losers who would rather see violence committed on their behalf than accept reality. They are the GOP, its hard to accept but its true.

      When this site promotes the big lie, suggest that elections need “fixing”, insinuate that their candidates lost because of foul play they are actively promoting domestic terrorism and fascism. Recently RPNM doubled down on this by suggesting that Trump is being indicted because of “Soros” money (Soros is a dog whistle for Globalist Jews) and not because a Grand Jury in NY followed the process and evidence and chose to indict him.

      The GOP supports terrorism and fascism. RPNM’s members engage in terrorism personally when they lose their elections and they provide aid and comfort to insurrectionist like Coupy Griffen in Ortero Co. and Trump who activity use violence to disrupt the democratic process in America.

      Lets come together now and save the country by getting tough on crime. We need to start hanging insurrectionist and sending those spreading the big lie to Gitmo.

  • JH Cole says:

    Hmmm, no “Statement” on Earth Day. That’s another reason Gabe Vasquez beat your Ms. Herrell. She sides with polluters while Gabe shares my love of family, freedom and the Great Outdoors.

  • Deadbeat GOP says:

    Yvette has already lost her race, but I don’t see how the endorsement of the weakest speaker of the house in 3 generations is really going to help. To make matters worse this endorsement is not going to age well come summer time when McCarthy weak leadership leads to congress failing to raise the debt limit and as a result crashing the world economy.

    Remember in a few months when your 401k looses value that Republicans in congress chose to not pay America’s current debt and wreck the economy. Republicans are willing to play politics with your life savings and livelihood to score political points.

    They do this every 18 months in fact, since like 2008, starting with that piece of Texas Trash Ted Cruz. If republicans wanted spending cuts they could have enacted them during George W. Bush’s 2 terms or Trump’s sad pathetic single term or any other time going back to Abraham Lincoln! Yet the only President to reduce the deficit in 100 years is Bill Clinton!

    Their entire plan is to damage regular Americans financially and hope they blame the President from the other party even though this is clearly a responsibility of congress.

    Not only does a US debt default threaten individual investments and jobs, it also weakens America on the world stage. Despite all the conservative complaining about “globalism”, the global economy is an extension of the American Empire, it benefits us the most. The US dollar is the global default currency and this gives us a lot of power (see sanctions on Russia as example). Other countries lend us money at super cheap interest rates every year instead of investing in themselves! They do this because US debt is considered the safest investment on the planet. This is what McCarthy and Republicans in congress are gambling with.

    China is working hard to position itself and currency as a competitor to the US and its dollar. Trump, McCarthy, and the rest of the Maga/teaparty movement seem hell bent on bringing America down as the world leader, I dont understand the motivation? Trump tries to tear up NATO and Republicans in Congress try to crash the economy and replace the dollar with the Yen as the global currency reserve.

    Republicans are trying their hardest to move us quickly and harshly to a multi-polar world. Know wonder Trump and Putin are such good friends.

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