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An Easter Message from Chairman Pearce

Today, as my family and I come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I want to wish all who are observing a blessed and happy Easter.

This has always been a day that I take the time to meditate on the sacrifice that was made for our sins and to rejoice in God’s abundant love and mercy.

Easter reminds us that during these challenging times in our nation, good overcomes evil, and light overcomes darkness.

May God’s overflowing peace, hope, and joy fill your homes this Easter Sunday.

Blessing from my family to yours,

Chairman Steve Pearce

  • JH Cole says:

    We await your excuses for Justice and Ginni Thomas, and for the shooting in Louisville.
    We don’t, really, because we know your hypocrisy. You whine about Governor Grisham’s alleged sins, but have nothing to say about the Thomas’s travels. You claim to be pro-life, but don’t go beyond prayers to stop mass killing.
    Keep kissing up to the MAGA base and keep shrinking as a party.

  • Donald J. Trump says:

    Like Jesus I am being prosecuted! Celebrate Easter by going down to NY and stopping Pontius Pilate! Steve Peearce was right the NY DA is a Soros funded goon. The Jews are after me just like they were after Jesus! Stop giving to the Church and instead send your money to me. It’s to late for Jesus but I can still afford a dream team of lawyers with your help.

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