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Accusations in Potential Trump Indictment Similar to Accusations against Gov. Lujan Grisham

RPNM calls for Governor to be investigated

Albuquerque, March 21 — Recent news regarding former President Trump’s possible indictment resurrects unanswered questions about similar accusations made against New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Media accounts have reported that Manhattan district attorney Alvin Braggs is preparing to indict Trump for allegedly falsifying documents as “legal expenses” concerning hush money paid to Stormy Daniels and potentially breaking New York campaign finance law.

These seven-year-old accusations resurface after Stormy Daniels’ hush money case was previously dismissed by a federal judge who ruled the suit “irrelevant.” Daniels also filed a defamation case against Trump and lost, also losing a subsequent appeal to the Supreme Court. Daniels’ lawyer has since been found guilty of extortion and fraud.

The return of these accusations against Trump shows the signs of another political witch hunt. Even those critical of Trump have blasted the district attorney’s potential indictment. One such critic, lawyer and former Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, highlighted the political agenda surrounding this case saying, “This is 100% political. There is no basis for this prosecution, but with the judiciary in New York, you never know.” These claims are especially cogent when district attorney Braggs has recently vowed he would not prosecute numerous non-violent crimes.

While the investigations into former President Trump have turned up fruitless, there are almost identical charges against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham that New Mexico prosecutors refuse to investigate.

“Instead of harping on finding fault in Trump, who, after years of probing investigation, is continually vindicated, the left should begin an investigation into the eerily similar charges against our Governor,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman and former Congressman Steve Pearce.

Ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial election, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign paid out $150,000 in alleged hush money to her former campaign staffer, who accused her of grabbing his genitals and making sexually demeaning comments to him. The Lujan Grisham campaign then refused to explain an additional $72,600 payment, labeled “legal expenses,” to the law firm believed to have represented the Governor in her sexual harassment case.

“This is a perfect example of the left’s hypocrisy. While the media continues an uproar over weak accusations against former President Trump, no investigation has been made into the substantial accusations against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham,” said Chairman Pearce.

We call for New Mexico prosecutors to investigate the accusations against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. RPNM believes nobody is above the law and that truth, not politics, should determine justice.

  • 2 wrongs = no accountable for everyone says:

    Can RPNM explain how MLG’s behavior excuses Trump’s behavior?

    Is Steve Pearce implying that MLK is also the victim of a “witch hunt”?

    Can anyone beheld accountable before everyone is held accountable?

    I’m just confused by this comparison, excuse making?

  • JH Cole says:

    Shape up, fellow Trump haters, your childish and obscene comments don’t help our cause!
    You’d do better by just pointing out that Loser’s legal teams lose nearly every case because he doesn’t understand the law, the Constitution, or his own relation with the rest of the world, and leave porn to the professionals.

    • Big Foot is a Trump Hater says:

      I don’t believe there are actual “Trump Haters”. I don’t know about everyone else that has a negative opinion about Trump but for me its really the fascism that is a turn off more than Trump personally.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love to dunk on that fat plutocratic Yankee city boy, but that’s just because its easy.

      Just imagine when the GOP replaces Trump with a new fascist demagogue, like Desantis, or any of the other little fascist struggling for the post? Will the masses come around to the new dear leader because they “are not Trump”?

      People in opposition to the GOP don’t so much hate Trump as they love America and the Constitution.

      • JH Cole says:

        Thanks for thoughtful advice.
        An old friend in Hawai`i freely admitted he hated Trump, as I do, but he was so out-of-control it contributed to his early death. There is no reason Greene, Graham, Trump, Jordan et al can hate and we can’t.
        Still, our rhetoric should be reasonable and civil.

        • Big foot says:

          JH Cole, I disagree. It is a waste of time to hate Trump as an individual. Sure he is loathsome but if he was dead tomorrow this country would still be fighting a fascist uprising/coup in this country. The GOP would still be fighting for its soul, black and shriveled as that soul may be. The problems with the GOP, Conservative movement, and America as a whole persist beyond Trump.

          As for being civil, I also disagree with you here as well. We shouldn’t be civil with Nazis and we shouldn’t meet the fascist halfway. We are heading to civil war if we do not check the fascist forces in America and there will be nothing civil about it.

          Regular Americans need to let the GOP know that an undemocratic take over of the government will be meet with violence, not civil discourse. When they succeed in their next coup attempt Americans need to head to the streets.

          When the fascist say they want to deport millions of our neighbors we shouldn’t compromise with them by agreeing to deport half that amount.

          When the GOP wants to use the force of state and federal government to persecute women, LBGT kids and parents, good people need to resist before its them and theirs that are singled out. Because the fascist will expand that list of the “other” over time.

          Is it polite for a fascist to hold the gas chamber door open for you? Does that gesture and presentation of politeness change the nature of what they are doing or proposing?

          The GOP is now a fascist movement, there are many in the GOP who are not fascist but they will a line with them and enable them because of their ignorance and weakness.

          Liberalism, liberal democracies such as the United States, enables fascism through its permissiveness and false equivalences.

          When your dinner guest says they are going to kill and eat your children, the dinner party is kinda over. The normal rules of civility are just silly in such a setting beyond that point.

          JH, thank you for sharing about your friend and I am sorry for your lose. I hope he did more to resist than just hate. I hope he was uncivil and pushed for a world he could believe in.

  • So whats the plan for 2024? says:

    So what is the GOP plan for the 2024 Presidential race? Their front runner/leader is facing the above mentioned indictment plus at least 3 more pending indictments!

    Hush money/campaign finance case NY
    Tax cheating/financial crimes in NY
    Willful retention of classified documents case in FL
    Crimes against the Constitution/J6/Big lie aka election denial-ism DC

    It seems to me that they only have 3 options:

    Option 1: The GOP could decide to lead their own party by enforcing some standards on their candidates in an attempt to “return the GOP to normal conservative politics”. But to be honest this option is not going to happen for several reasons. One it requires courage and strength from GOP leaders and they have proven they have neither. Two the GOP doesn’t really control their voters the righting echo chamber of Fox News does. And third even if successful in returning the GOP to a state it was in prior to 2016 would still mean its a party in opposition to most of America.

    Option 2: The GOP could pick a new fascist leader to replace Trump, while ignoring all the things that allowed Trump and made him the most dangerous American President to ever live. In this one the GOP just transfers to election denial-ism and other anti-democratic/anti-American ideas to a new figure head. There are several little fascist who think they want to job so, ya for choice!

    Option 3: Or they could try to see if they can force Trump back into the Whitehouse against the will of the people. They will have to do a better coup this time because there is zero chance of Trump actually winning, even against Biden.

    Remember in 2016 Trump was an “outsider” so he could be critical of Obama and past Republicans and talk about what he “would do” as president. Well now we know about his performance and i just don’t see how this can be over come in electoral politics.

    Trumps presidency was a disaster for Republicans and the country as a whole. Trump continuously made America look weak on the world stage, caving to dictators, weaking NATO, and negotiating the end of the Afghan war with the Taliban. Trump is already signaling that he can “end” the war in Ukrainian by giving Putin everything he wants.

    Also 1 million American’s died during the last year of the Trump Presidency. And the country had the worst economic down turn since the great depression. And 25% of all of America’s debt from the founding of the country till 2021 was created during the Trump Presidency.

    Then there was the two impeachments. The first for trying to use congress approved money to extort the president of Ukraine to fabricate dirt about his political opponents.

    The second for being the only President in American history to try and retain power after loosing an election. This is the stuff the founders warned us about.

  • Personal Responsibility Matters says:

    This article demonstrates what the GOP and Steven Pierce think “personal responsibility” looks like.

    It’s so ridiculous, it is as humors as it is disgusting.

    GOP answer to any scandal or issue…..can we find a women to blame or deflect to? Lol so strong and manly.

    For four plus years I have been amazed that Conservatives keep lowering the bar for Trump and the GOP.

    • Repent says:

      Ask yourself today Conservatives, what line are you unwilling to cross with the GOP? What would they and their candidates have to do to get you to vote against them, march against them, do anything other than agree or passivity?

      Write what every you think of down, and chances are Trump and the other fascist in the GOP have either already done it, are talking about it, or will be tomorrow.

      The truth is that millions of Conservatives will go along with just about anything. It was the same in Germeny last century.

      We are one or two election cycles away from conservatives calling the thought police on their neighbors, children and grandchildren and saying “its for their own good” as they are hauled off for re-education or destruction.

      This life is a test, God and the future generations are watching. How will you live? How will you be remembered? How will you be judged?

      Wake up and join the woke, before death continues your slumber till the judgment. If you are alive you can still repent and be saved.

  • JH Cole says:

    Here’s another difference between the governor’s actions and Loser Trump’s: He got indicted and will be found guilty.

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