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On this International Women’s Day, the Republican Party of New Mexico commemorates women whose brilliant minds, bold spirits, and selfless love have inspired and influenced the course of world history.

They are our mothers, sisters, daughters and the life-giving soul of our societies.

Today and every day, may we honor women’s beautiful, powerful, and irreplaceable impact on the world. It’s our duty to ensure women’s legacies are never diminished or erased.

  • Big Gov. Knows Best says:

    We should honor women but not trust them with making thier own decisions regarding health, safety, or reproduction.

  • Stop the woke, Stop the lady vote! says:

    National more women vote for Democrats. If we reversed women’s suffrage the Republican party would do better in the polls.

    I am sure conservative women won’t mind taking one for the Grand Old Party’s sake.

    Letting women vote and hold opinions publicly is just a bunch of woke garbage.

  • Lock them up says:

    Some bad girls us email like Hillary Clinton! Lock her up! Lock them up!

    No private email servers, or private period calendars, or private Healthcare.

    Women should all be bare and transparent!

  • Fox host think we are worms says:

    Fox News host and leadership knew Trump’s election claims were bs but pushed the big lie anyways for profit.

    They convinced conservatives to betray the County, Constitution, and rule of law while privately mocking them.

    Coupy Griffin lost the right to hold office and other inserectionist are going to prison because they believed these lies.

    It’s enough to make people wonder, what other bs has Fox feed me?

  • JH Cole says:

    You can’t possible think flattery and hack stereotypes will distract voters from the GOP’s anti-freedom agenda!

    “[S]elfless love” like Jezebel’s, Lucretia Borgia’s and M. T. Greene’s? Men such as Socrates, the Apostle Paul, Gandhi, and Rev. King can’t contribute “life-giving soul”?

    The GOP ought to try wooing centrists instead of just flattering its gullible base.

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