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Lack of action by Democrat-led legislature leading to another crime crisis in Albuquerque.


Albuquerque, April 16—For years the Republican Party of New Mexico has called on the Democrat-led legislature to crack down on crime, pass laws to stop “catch and release” and pass sensible laws to better protect our citizens—now Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller is finally seeing the light.
During a press conference today announcing a Violent Crime Initiative, Keller blamed the legislature, saying the City needed more progress from the Roundhouse in addressing crime-fighting laws.
RPNM has stressed this for many legislative sessions. We have pushed for stronger laws and ways to stop current “criminal friendly” laws that have led to dramatic increases in crime in Albuquerque. RPNM has also exhorted lawmakers to strengthen our weak judicial system and to stop the many loopholes leading to more repeat offenders.
In 2019 Albuquerque saw an all-time high of 82 murders.
So far In 2021, the city has already recorded 35 homicides. 
Albuquerque now ranks among the most dangerous cities in the nation, and it’s on pace to easily break its murder record.

“For years Democrats in the legislature have cried out about the need to pass laws to stop our escalating crime, but such legislation never gets through. It’s been a broken record: every year Republican lawmakers take a strong stand to address this serious problem, but the progressives won’t act on important crime-fighting bills. Now, Albuquerque and other communities are paying the price, and people are dying. These communities are scared, and people don’t feel safe. It’s time for leaders to lead and come to grips with crime being among our biggest problems. It's dangerous that Democratic leadership won’t budge on this life-saving issue.”

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