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RPNM statement on President Biden's $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan.

Albuquerque, March 31—The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce on President Biden’s proposed national infrastructure plan:

“The price tag of this plan is outrageous. After a nearly $2 trillion pork-filled relief package that sought simply to bail out blue states bogged down in debt, President Biden now wants to again put Americans on the hook for trillions. While it’s important to rebuild our roads, bridges, and airports, taxing Americans more isn’t the answer. The Biden Administration will raise the corporate tax rate to 28%, and average Americans will eventually be footing the bill. It will take 15 years to offset this tax burden. Once again Biden is mortgaging our future for massive projects we can ill afford. We cannot sustain such spending sprees.”

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