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Mike Curtis Author
Communications Director , Republican Party of New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, AUGUST 22 — New Mexico’s Republican National Delegates have arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina as the Party prepares for an historic in-person and virtual National Convention to again nominate President Donald Trump.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce will lead New Mexico’s delegation and deliver our state’s votes during the Convention’s traditional roll call of the states.

The delegation from the Land of Enchantment includes National Committeeman Harvey Yates and National Committeewoman Rosie Tripp, both serving in their last Convention. They’re joined in Charlotte by incoming National Committeeman Jim Townsend, New Mexico’s House Minority Leader, and incoming National Committeewoman Tina Dziuk, Roosevelt County Chairwoman. Townsend and Dziuk will begin serving after the Convention. Jan Yates is also a delegate.

The four-day RNC convention that begins Monday will provide a much different vision and a positive portrayal of America. It will be less grim, less attacking, and offer more of the greatness of our wonderful country.

The Republican National Convention will be a celebration of the stories of everyday Americans who have been empowered, thanks to the policies and vision of President Trump.

The theme, “Honoring the Great American Story,” will highlight the greatness and opportunity of America.

Monday will focus on “the Land of Promise.”

Tuesday will focus on “the Land of Opportunity.” First Lady Melania Trump will deliver remarks from the Rose Garden.

Wednesday will focus on “the Land of Heroes.” Vice President Pence will deliver remarks from Fort McHenry national monument.

Thursday will focus on “the Land of Greatness.” President Trump will deliver remarks from the White House.

During this exciting Convention, Americans will hear authentic voices that have often been silenced by Democrats.  Speakers will illustrate how President Trump has revitalized our nation and how his presidency has put America’s interests first.

Throughout the four days of coverage, voters will be reminded the best is yet to come for every American under a second term of President Trump.

While the Democratic National Convention focused on division and negativity, the Republican National Convention will honor what makes our country great and celebrate four more years of historic progress under President Trump.

This past week’s DNC proved that the Democrat Party is controlled by the radical left and its agenda would signal a massive $4 trillion tax hike on working Americans.

This November, voters will have a clear choice: continue our Great American Comeback or go down the Democrats’ road of radical left policies that will bankrupt our nation and New Mexico.


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