Will Hillary Clinton Walk Back Her Extreme Positions in Tonight’s Debate?

Posted On October 13, 2015

Will Hillary Clinton Walk Back Her Extreme Positions in Tonight’s Debate?

 Albuquerque, NM- With the first Democrat Party Primary Debate happening tonight, Hillary Clinton will have to explain her stances on issues ranging from ride-sharing companies to the Keystone Pipeline as well as a major flip flop on an upcoming free trade agreement.

“Her extreme positions and 180-degree shifts on key economic policies should make New Mexicans wonder if she can be trusted to lead our country in the right direction,” said Debbie Maestas, Chairman for the Republican Party of New Mexico.

While Clinton leaves voters in the dark about her own plans for economic growth, she went after innovative small businesses like Uber, which continues to contribute to New Mexico’s economy.

Clinton’s credibility is further undermined by flip flopping on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In 2012, Secretary of State Clinton supported the measure. Only days ago, did Clinton completely switch her support to complete opposition.

“Over these past few months, Hillary Clinton has either dodged important questions or outright switched policy stances— making it very hard for the voters to trust her,” Chairman Maestas concluded.

Tonight’s debate will offer Hillary Clinton an opportunity to clarify stances that would surely bring harm to New Mexico’s economy.

Further background information below:

Hillary Clinton Makes Attacks On Ride-Sharing Companies Such As Uber And Lyft. “In Her Speech, Aides Said, Clinton Will Argue That Tectonic Forces In The Global Economy Are Conspiring Against Middle-Class Families. Among Them: Automation And Technology, Which Are Eliminating Middle-Skill Jobs That Once Provided Solid Incomes; And The New ‘Sharing Economy,’ Epitomized By Uber, Which Has Created Efficiency But Also Jobs Lacking Benefits And Protections. But She Will Say That The Government Should Enact Policies To Shape How These Forces Affect Americans.” (“Clinton To Center Campaign On Raising Middle-Class Incomes,” The Washington Post, 7/11/15)

Calling The Keystone Pipeline A “Distraction,” Clinton Officially Announces Her Opposition To The Possible Development. “Hillary Rodham Clinton Said On Tuesday That She Opposed Building The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, Revealing Her Position On An Issue That Divides Two Democratic Constituencies, Organized Labor And Environmentalists, And That She Has Long Declined To Address… In Announcing Her Opposition To The Project, A Litmus Test For Grass-Roots Environmentalists And Which Her Rivals For The Democratic Nomination Had Already Opposed, Mrs. Clinton Said That The Pipeline Was ‘A Distraction From The Important Work We Have To Do To Combat Climate Change’.” (“Hillary Clinton Says She Opposes Keystone Pipeline,” The New York Times, 9/22/15)

Hillary Clinton Flip Flops On Her Previous Support For Trans-Pacific Partnership, Now Opposing It. “On Wednesday In An Interview With PBS’ Judy Woodruff, Hillary Clinton Reversed Course And Came Out In Opposition To The Trans-Pacific Partnership, An 11-Nation Trade Deal That The Obama Administration Views As Central To Its Second Term Legacy.  Clinton, As Secretary Of State, Repeatedly Praised The Deal — Calling It The “Gold Standard” Of Trade Deals In 2012.  Her Flip Flop Seems Largely The Result Of Political Calculation.”(“Deconstructing Hillary Clinton’s Trade Deal Flip Flop,” The Washington Post, 10/8/15).


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