Will Democrats Support Meaningful Tax Reform Today?

Posted On May 25, 2017

Will Democrats Support Meaningful Tax Reform Today?

Santa Fe, NM – This morning, Rep. Jason Harper’s tax reform compromise bill, HB 8, which passed unanimously in the House during the 2017 legislative session, will be up for consideration in committee during the special session. Democrats had previously declared that there was not enough time in the special session to deal with tax reform, but recognized that this critical piece of legislation was too important not to hear.

“Budget negotiations during this special session must include meaningful tax reform,” said Republican Party of New Mexico spokesman Tucker Keene. “This tax reform bill that Rep. Harper has proposed will do a great deal to modernize our state’s antiquated tax system. The simplified tax system laid out in this bill, that Democrats unanimously supported just two months ago, will help spur economic growth, attract new businesses to New Mexico, and increase state revenue at the same time. The bill deserves the consideration of every member, Democrat and Republican alike.”

Rep. Harper’s bill is based heavily upon a similar plan he put forward during the regular session, HB 412, which passed unanimously through the House in March. Rep. Harper has worked on this compromise for more than two years, and the result is a thoughtful, bipartisan plan that would help our state immeasurably.


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