Where Does Hillary Clinton Stand on Ride-sharing Companies?

Posted On July 13, 2015

Where Does Hillary Clinton Stand on Ride-sharing Companies?

Albuquerque, NM– Over the past week, Hillary Clinton’s economic rhetoric made one thing clear: she is a candidate of the past, for the past and against the future.  Her feeble language toward ride-share companies such as Uber and Lyft is harmful toward innovation

“New Mexico needs economic innovation to move forward, and Hillary continues to advocate economic policies which push our economy backwards,” said Debbie Maestas, Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Her ambiguity has become far too common and it should make New Mexicans question her creditability on the important issues ahead.”

Uber and Lyft are innovative companies that provide decent-paying jobs across the world. On top of that, one study from Uber and MADD has shown that introducing ride-sharing companies into a city can reduce drunken driving related accidents. Uber currently operates in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, while Lyft recently shut down operations in New Mexico.

Since her campaign launch, Hillary has major issues identifying with the average voter as poll after poll highlights the fact that voters across the country do not trust her. Earlier today, she gave a speech in New York concerning some of her economic ideas. She discussed ride-sharing programs as well.

Several excerpts from national media explain Hillary’s awkward stances on ride-sharing companies—the information was compiled by the research firm America Rising.

Further background information is below:

Last Month, A CNN Poll Showed That 57% Of American Do Not Trust Hillary Clinton. “A growing number of people say she is not honest and trustworthy (57%, up from 49% in March), less than half feel she cares about people like them (47%, down from 53% last July) and more now feel she does not inspire confidence (50%, up from 42% last March).” (“Poll: New speed bumps for Clinton,” CNN, 6/2/15)