Wednesday , January 22, 2020

Posted On January 22, 2020

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the first of daily “Roundup at the Roundhouse” newsletters, reporting on key legislation and happenings at the Capitol. This 55th Legislature began January 21 and will end February 20. In New Mexico’s  House of Representatives there are currently 46 Democrats and 24 Republicans. The Senate consists of 26 Democrats and 16 Republicans.

With the Democrats in control of the governorship and the state House and Senate, it’s imperative that the Republican Party of New Mexico be a strong voice for the hundreds of thousands of conservatives throughout the state. Republican lawmakers will fight hard to make New Mexico a better place to live, to keep taxes down, to keep people safe,to  create a stronger economy and to protect your rights.

This newsletter will provide a broad overview of daily happenings at the Roundhouse as well as “Calls to Action” where we Republicans can make our voices heard and thus make a real difference in what happens in Santa Fe.

Today lawmakers spent the day introducing pre-filed bills, but there were other happenings:


Less than 24 hours into the Session, the House Appropriations and Finance Committee tentatively agreed to boost funding for Gov. Lujan Grisham’s Office. The Committee gave the green light to a 9% increase in the upcoming budget. That’s on top of last year’s 25% hike. That’s a 34% increase for Lujan’s Grisham’s Office. It’s not surprising, as the Governor is asking to increase state spending by more than half a billion dollars.


The mood for some lawmakers at the Capitol today was shock and anger. Republicans were particularly upset that Gov. Lujan Grisham didn’t mention the importance of the oil and gas industry in her State of the State Address. Oil and gas provide more than 40% of state revenues and fund education and other vital programs. Lujan Grisham snubbed that industry and also failed to discuss such important issues as homelessness, drugs, mental illness and the problems of rural New Mexico. Plenty of rumbling under the Roundhouse roof about that.


The Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Act is being being pushed quickly. This is the Red Flag law that would allow authorities to confiscate guns from homeowners. Rep. Daymon Ely (D)-Bernalillo/Sandoval, is sponsoring this bill. Today it was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee (where Ely is Vice Chair) and the House Appropriations Committee, skipping over the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee. Our Call to Action: we need you to stop this bill and protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Call Rep. Ely and demand he end this legislation.


As lawmakers gathered at the Roundhouse, a coalition of pro-life groups sent a message to legislators at the Capitol. The day began with a evangelical worship service at the Roundhouse. Later on pro-life groups marched in unison from the Basilica to the Capitol. Abortion is a vital issue in our state. Our Party’s position will always be to adhere to our family values, our religious freedoms and traditional principles.


For more information about bills, lawmakers and happenings at the Roundhouse,
go to the
 New Mexico Legislature website.

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