Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Posted On January 28, 2020


The Senate Public Affairs Committee was supposed to hear the Red Flag bill in Committee in Room 321 at 2:30 today, then changed the venue to the Senate Floor, and then changed the time to 1:30pm.  On top of that, Senate Pro Tempore Mary Kay Papen suddenly decided to ban firearms from the Gallery. Here’s her memo.
This legislation would allow authorities to confiscate your firearms from your homes. Not only do we need to stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights, but this bill violates due process rights and search and seizure laws. SB 5. Let’s turn out in large numbers in the Senate Chamber to oppose the Red Flag bill,
The sponsors of this bill are Joseph Cervantes (505) 986-4861 or (575) 526-5600, Daymon Ely (505) 986-4432, and Joy Garratt (505) 986-4249. Call them and tell them to stop this legislation. It’s an infringement on our rights. Spread the word and campaign against this bill!

After the Red Flag bill is debated, Committee members will hash over recreational marijuana legislation. Some Republicans are upset that this bill was scheduled for the Senate Public Affairs Committee before it was even out of the Senate Committee’s Committee.

“Democrats are just railroading legislation through,” said Sen. Craig Brandt (R)-Sandoval County. “What happened actually was a violation of the legislative process.”

The Republican Party’s official position is that it’s against this bill. The Party worries over potential crime, underage use and impaired driving. Tell your lawmakers to vote against this legislation. The sponsors are Gerald Ortiz y Pino (505) 986-4482 and Javier Martínez (505) 986-4236. Call them and tell them you oppose this bill.

The oil and gas surplus is already being tapped–a warning from Republicans from day 1. Today by a unanimous vote of 9-0, the Senate Education Committee passed Senate Bill 3, the Early Childhood Trust Fund. The idea is to create a new fund of $320 million, some of which would come from surplus money. If approved, Senate Bill 3 would require a certain amount of energy-related tax collections to be diverted in years when total state cash reserves exceed 25% of spending levels. The bill now goes to the Senate Finance Committee. This is still worrisome because there’s still no guaranteed revenue stream here.

James Townsend of Artesia is the House Minority Leader. Rep. Townsend represents Chaves, Eddy and Otero Counties. He’s been a Representative since 2015. Townsend is retired from Holly Energy.

Committees: Judiciary, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources, Rules & Order of Business, Printing & Supplies
Email: townsend@pvtn.net

Stuart Ingle, a farmer from Portales, is the Senate Minority Leader and represents Chaves, Curry, De Baca, Lea and Roosevelt Counties. He’s been a Senator for 35 years.

Committees: Public Affairs, Rules, Committees’ Committee
Email: stuart.ingle@nmlegis.gov

For more information about bills, lawmakers and happenings at the Roundhouse,
go to the
 New Mexico Legislature website.

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