Time to Shake Things Up

Posted On March 24, 2015

Legislative Session Shows It’s Time To Shake Things Up

Santa Fe, NM– As the legislative sessions comes to a close, many people are shaking their heads at what they saw—gridlock, division and political tactics that stopped progress dead in its tracks. The reason why? Look no further than the New Mexico State Senate under the control of the same politicians for decades.

People are looking at their elected leaders and are fed up with this Washington-style gridlock, but with the same people running the show, nothing will ever change,” said Debbie Maestas, Chairwoman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “If we want a change, it’s time for new people with new ideas.”

In the closing hours of the legislative session, Senate Democrats refused to sign off on a capital outlay proposal that would have funded important infrastructure projects across the state. However, this is nothing new for the State Senate; Democrat Majority Leader Senator Sanchez said it himself, “bills have always come to die in the Senate.”

“If we really want to change things, it is going to have to start with entrenched politicians like Michael Sanchez. New Mexico can no longer afford his style of politics.” Maestas concluded. 

Even as Republicans fought for laws to level the playing field for local small businesses, end the failed policy of social promotion, put an end to the dangerous practice of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, as well as closing dangerous loopholes and toughening penalties on child predators, time and time again these priorities faced an uphill battle in the New Mexico State Senate and never became law.  
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