Tim Kaine Sells Out Catholic Faith to Further Vice Presidential Ambitions

Posted On August 2, 2016

Tim Kaine Sells Out Catholic Faith to Further Vice Presidential Ambitions 

Albuquerque, NM –Sen. Tim Kaine has for many years touted himself as a pro-life Catholic Democrat even though his record does not reflect these values. As he has advanced his career and become a Governor, Senator and Vice Presidential Nominee, he has abandoned his personal views and gone all-in to support the radical pro-abortion agenda of Hillary Clinton.

“Tim Kaine has shown he cares more about advancing his own career than standing up for the values of his fellow Catholics,” said Republican Party of New Mexico spokesman Tucker Keene. “When he ran for Governor, he ran on a pro-life platform, only to abandon it as he began to pursue his national ambitions. Kaine may claim to be pro-life himself, but anyone who so easily tosses his views aside to support the truly radical platform of the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton cannot credibly make such a claim.”

In the wake of Kaine joining the Clinton ticket, he has been caught repeatedly flip flopping on the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the federal funding of abortions. Once again, Kaine claims to support the amendment, and yet voted against defunding Planned Parenthood in the Senate, and says he will stand with Hillary Clinton in her efforts to repeal the amendment. The campaign continues to insist that he will work with Hillary Clinton to repeal the amendment despite being “personally” in favor of it. Kaine has chosen to support values in direct opposition to his Catholic faith only to advance his career.