During Special Session, Michael Sanchez and Senate Democrats Must Restrain Their Impulse to Raise Taxes

Posted On August 19, 2016

During Special Session, Michael Sanchez and Senate Democrats Must Restrain Their Impulse to Raise TaxesAlbuquerque, NM – Yesterday, Governor Susana Martinez officially called for a special session to address the budget shortfall this year. Even before her announcement, Senate Democrat Boss Michael Sanchez was overjoyed by the opportunity to use the shortfall as an excuse to raise taxes on New Mexicans.

“Let’s be clear: when an economic downturn is already hurting businesses in our state, taxing them further is only going to make things worse,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “There are responsible ways to approach closing the gap this year and it can be done without tax increases and without policies that punish businesses and New Mexicans, but once again Michael Sanchez and the Democrats have shown they lack the creativity to imagine any solution to a budget shortfall that doesn’t include raising taxes.”

Democrats were eager to stand in the way of a solution to the budget issue, and quickly released a statement urging legislators not to pursue budget cuts, and instead seeking to make it more difficult to do business here in New Mexico. Modest cuts to government spending can balance the budget without punishing New Mexico taxpayers, and Democrats like Michael Sanchez should stand with taxpayers, not with the special interests who stand to profit from higher government spending.


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