Senator Sanchez Continues To Ignore Important Public Safety Legislation and Cause New Mexicans Problems

Posted On December 9, 2015


Senator Sanchez Continues To Ignore Important Public Safety Legislation and Cause New Mexicans Problems

 Albuquerque, NM- The Federal Government has announced that it would be enforcing parts of the Real ID Act in January of 2016.  While all the details of enforcement remain undecided, one thing is clear: Democrat Party Boss Michael Sanchez continues to support a dangerous law that gives driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants which in turn is now causing New Mexico residents to be one of two states in the entire nation who will also have to carry a Passport for identification to be able to access various places come January 10, 2016.  Not only is this an embarrassment for our state, this costs New Mexicans money.

“The person who remains divisive on this issue is Senator Michael Sanchez— who continues to deny this much needed legislation even though nearly 70% of New Mexicans want to repeal this dangerous law that gives driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants,” said Debbie Maestas, Chairman for the Republican Party of New Mexico, — “it’s time we advance and put New Mexico’s safety ahead of Michael Sanchez’s political ambitions.”

Michael Sanchez continues to stall legislation in the State Senate and push New Mexico backwards.  It’s time for Senator Michael Sanchez to stop his political tactics and work with Governor Martinez along with the State Legislature to move New Mexico forward.

Further background information is below:

New Mexico Licenses Won’t Be Accepted At Federal Facilities, Airports. “The federal government has denied New Mexico an extension of a deadline for meeting tougher federal requirements for state driver’s licenses and ID cards. The decision means New Mexico driver’s licenses will no longer be accepted at federal facilities like Kirtland Air Force Base starting Jan. 10. And eventually, state IDs won’t be usable for boarding commercial flights,” (KOAT 7 News, 10/28/15)

Albuquerque Journal Poll Shows Majority Still Oppose Illegal Immigrants Having Drivers Licenses. “New Mexico voters continue their long-standing opposition to a 2003 law that allows the state to issue driver’s licenses to immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally, a new Journal Poll found. Seven in 10 registered voters surveyed last week said they opposed the law – results that mirror those of earlier Journal Polls.” (“Journal Poll: Driver’s license law still gets thumbs down,” The Albuquerque Journal, 2/23/15).

Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants Is Public Safety Issue. “We can start by repealing the dangerous law that gives driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants…Since New Mexico started this practice, our state has turned into a magnet for criminal activity, leading to elaborate fraud rings and human trafficking.” (“State Rep. Paul Pacheco: Public Safety Is A Priority In 2015 Session,” The Rio Rancho Observer, 3/8/15).



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