RPNM Files Complaint Against Senator Michael Sanchez for Violating Property Tax Law, Fraudulently Double-Dipping on Exemptions

Posted On September 29, 2016

RPNM Files Complaint Against Senator Michael Sanchez for Violating Property Tax Law, Fraudulently Double-Dipping on Exemptions

Albuquerque, NM – The Republican Party of New Mexico has filed a complaint with the Second Judicial District Attorney, Thirteenth Judicial District Attorney, Attorney General, and the Secretary of State against Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, for violating Section 7-37-4-e of the New Mexico Property Tax Code.

Senator Michael Sanchez is currently claiming two separate homes as his “primary residence” on his taxes and receives the head of family exemption for both, in violation of state law. Section 7-37-4-e of the New Mexico Property Tax Code provides that the head of family exemption can only be claimed once, and a “primary” residence may only be claimed in one county. Sanchez has claimed a tax exemption for a primary residence in Belen, as well as a primary residence in Albuquerque. Sanchez was also required to sign a form to receive the exemption in Valencia County confirming he was not getting the exemption in any other county, which he was.

“Michael Sanchez is double-dipping on property tax exemptions, and claims two separate houses both as his primary residences in violation of New Mexico property tax law,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Debbie Maestas. “Sanchez is a corrupt Democrat falsely touting himself as a Senator working for New Mexicans, all the while cheating the system to benefit himself.”

Further, this raises the question of which city, either Belen or Albuquerque, Sen. Sanchez really calls home. The home in Albuquerque is not located in SD-29. Therefore, Sanchez is not eligible as a candidate in SD-29 if the Albuquerque address is his primary residence, which he claims it to be on his taxes.

“Not only has Sen. Sanchez violated tax law by fraudulently double-dipping on an exemption, his actions call into question whether he even lives in the district he claims to represent,” said Maestas. “Sen. Michael Sanchez is an entrenched Santa Fe insider, and after 24 years in the Senate, the voters of SD-29 and New Mexico are long overdue for honest and ethical leadership.”


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