RNC Tonight Will Highlight in Video New Mexico Congressional Candidate Yvette Herrell

Posted On August 27, 2020

ALBUQUERQUE, AUGUST 27 — Tonight in Charlotte the Republican National Convention will showcase New Mexico 2nd Congressional District candidate Yvette Herrell.

The RNC will present a 30-second Herrell-narrated video called “Join Us” in which she promotes her values, describes her mission and demonstrates her desire to make New Mexico and America great again.

The video will be played during the first hour on this final night of the Convention. The RNC is highlighting the most significant House races in the nation, and the 2nd Congressional District in New Mexico is a key contest.

National publications have ranked incumbent Xochitl Torres Small the most vulnerable Democrat in Congress.

While Torres Small continues to act one way in New Mexico and vote another way on Capitol Hill, Herrell is committed to conservative values and principles and will consistently protect the rights and freedoms of her constituents.


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