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Republicans Stood For Worker’s Choice And Supported Right To Work

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Republicans Stood For Worker’s Choice And Supported Right To Work
Like many bills it died in the State Senate without a vote

Albuquerque, NM– With the possibility of a special session, it is important to highlight the issue of worker’s rights. The Employee Preference Act (HB 75), sponsored by Representative Dennis Roch and otherwise known as ‘right to work,’ passed the New Mexico House of Representatives. But like many bills, it died in the New Mexico State Senate without a debate or vote.

“Republicans in the legislature took a bold stand in favor of worker choice. They understood that no one should have to support or belong to an organization as a condition of employment. That is commonsense and a majority of New Mexicans agree with that,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Republican Party of New Mexico.

The right-to-work legislation received bipartisan support in the House, but State Senate Democrats decided to avoid constructive debate as well as a vote on the bill.

“The voters deserve an actual debate on this issue, but the New Mexico State Senate under Michael Sanchez didn’t allow it,” Garrett concluded.

Recently, the Albuquerque Journal found that a vast majority of voters support a right to work proposal.


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