Radical Special Interest Group Rallies to Tim Keller’s Defense

Posted On August 20, 2015

Radical Special Interest Group Rallies to Tim Keller’s Defense

Albuquerque, NM – Earlier this week, the New Mexico Political Journal obtained a copy of a fundraising letter sent in support of Democrat State Auditor Tim Keller. The letter was authored by Progress Now New Mexico and Pat Davis, a candidate for Albuquerque City Council.

“As shadow groups like Progress Now rally behind Tim Keller, voters will continue to question the ethics and transparency of his office,” said Pat Garrett, spokesman for the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Keller’s Office dodges and deflects, and now far left special interest groups are rallying to his defense, this should only raise more questions.”

State Auditor Tim Keller has come under scrutiny in recent weeks concerning questions of transparency. The Republican Party of New Mexico has already called out his office for ignoring an “open records request,” and multiple New Mexico media outlets have called into question his use of a private email for state business.

The recent political involvement of Progress Now New Mexico only confirms what many across the state have been saying: Keller’s actions are not only a grave concern for taxpayers, they demonstrate a severe level of hypocrisy, and a lack of trust.

Even the Albuquerque Journal’s Editorial Board earlier this year expressed their concerns that Tim Keller would politicize his office to advance his own interests and that of his party.

The fundraising appeal is attached to the press release.

Further background information is below:

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Slammed Tim Keller For Jockeying For Position In The Next Election. “Yet this month both AG Hector Balderas and Auditor Tim Keller, as they jockey for position in the next election, have sent out emails not just scrounging for donations, but specifically asking either for money to knock Republicans out of office and keep and elect their fellow Democrats or to support ‘candidates who will join in our fight. …’” (“Editorial: New Mexico’s AG, Auditor Should Take High Ground,” Albuquerque Journal, 4/29/15)


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