Press Release: Ethics Bill Dies After Ivey-Soto Requests Exemption from Commission Oversight

Posted On February 16, 2016

Ethics Bill Dies After Ivey-Soto Requests Exemption from Commission Oversight

Santa Fe, NM – Republican Rep. Jim Dines has been forced to pull support for HJR 5, which would have created an Independents Ethics Commission in New Mexico, after Democrat Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto and the Senate Rules Committee proposed exempting elected and appointed officials from oversight by the Commission.

“Senator Ivey-Soto thinks he and other legislators should be above the law,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “When Ivey-Soto proposes exempting himself from ethics oversight, voters have to wonder what he’s afraid the commission might find.”

House Republicans have been fighting for ethics reform this session, and the original Ethics Commission bill passed with wide bipartisan support in the House, 50-10. But it was too strong for Ivey-Soto and Senate Democrats.

“New Mexicans have voiced their overwhelming support for stronger ethical standards in New Mexico,” said Keene. “For Ivey-Soto to ask for special treatment under the law shows how out of touch he is with the desires of the electorate.”


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