To raise funds for RPNM and County Parties across our state, Chairman Steve Pearce would like to offer you copies of his compelling and enlightening autobiography “Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!” It’s a riveting memoir that recounts a personal story of struggle and achievement. The book describes Steve’s extraordinary journey from poverty and hard times to becoming a successful businessman and later a 14-year Congressman from the 2nd Congressional District. Steve’s story is one of overcoming fears and insecurities:

“The real story is my fight to overcome these internal obstacles, a fight I found far more difficult than overcoming the ones placed in my life by external forces. For so long, I kept myself locked in a cell of fear, unable to move from where I was to where I wanted to be. But the doors that restrain us, I’ve found, are seldom locked. With a little push, they swing wide to welcome a life we never imagined. If just one person pushes at those closed doors, then this book and this story will be worthwhile.”

You’ll be inspired by this story of perseverance and courage. Here’s a sneak peek: Chapter 1.

The book is $20: $10 will go to the Republican Party of New Mexico, the other $10 to the County GOP organization of your choice. Chairman Pearce will receive no compensation from any order.

Orders can be picked up at the RPNM State headquarters or shipped for a small fee.


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