Police Called After Protestors Vandalized RPNM Headquarters

Posted On July 27, 2017

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Police Called After Protestors Vandalized RPNM Headquarters


Albuquerque, NM – The Republican Party of New Mexico was forced to notify the police after masked demonstrators vandalized the state headquarters this morning.

The extremists held signs in front of the main doors blocking the entrance to the building. The group was part of the violent left-wing protest group that goes by the name of “Bestsy Riot.” They obstructed entrance for over an hour, before finally vandalizing the Marque.

“Unfortunately, these acts of liberal extremism are not unusual” said Ryan Cangiolosi, Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. “Even in the face of violence and vandalism, RPNM will always support civil discourse among differing view points. It is unfortunate that progressive radicals would ever see these actions as an acceptable method of political demonstration.”

It’s time for liberal America to speak out against violence and the rhetoric that incites it. We are calling on the Democratic Party of New Mexico to condemn this sort of act.




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