Pay-to-Play Culture Pervaded Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Posted On August 24, 2016

Pay-to-Play Culture Pervaded Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Albuquerque, NM – Once again, Hillary Clinton’s history of corruption and dishonesty is in the spotlight following the revelation that more than half of people outside the government who met with Hillary while she was Secretary of State had donated to the Clinton Foundation.

“The Clinton Foundation has acted as a tacit reminder to those doing business with the Clintons that you must pay to play,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Spokesman Tucker Keene. “Whether that’s undisclosed speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton before Hillary makes a diplomatic decision favorable to that organization or foreign government, or donations to the Foundation in exchange for a meeting with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, there is a clear pattern of corruption and a conflict of interest. Hillary and Bill are more interested in what they can buy than in doing what is ethical and inline with the interests of Americans.”

This latest insight into the questionable dealings of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation provides clear evidence of exactly the kind of quid pro quo that has made the American people sick of status-quo politicians. Voters are looking for change, not the same unethical pay-to-play culture that has permeated Washington and defined the Clinton family.