New Mexico Becoming Land of Endangerment as Albuquerque Shatters Homicide Rate

Posted On December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019— A dubious distinction in Albuquerque this morning. The city’s murder rate hit an all-time high with 73 homicides now on the books in 2019. There were 72 murders in 2017.

This record follows Democratic Mayor Tim Keller’s pledge two years ago to end this rash of violence that’s plagued our city for years. He says his Administration is devoted to public safety, but he admits violent crime is rising.

The soaring murder rate has put a blemish on Albuquerque and tarnished the city’s reputation. recently ranked the Duke City 11th on a list of the nation’s most dangerous cities.

Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce issued this statement regarding the record murder rate:

“This Mayor simply doesn’t get it. This is a prime example of weak leadership. This pie in the sky approach on crime is disgraceful, and it’s jeopardizing the safety of New Mexicans. Keller is desperate to do anything: multi-agency task forces, upgrades on data systems—he’s focusing on impractical solutions that are coddling the city’s criminals. Albuquerque’s becoming a crime-zone and a haven for murderers. We don’t want Albuquerque to become the next Chicago. Keller has failed our community. We need real action from the city and the state to hammer out strong laws and fix this problem with real crime-fighting solutions. We must hold criminals accountable.”

The record murder rate comes despite Mayor Keller hiring more than 100 new police officers and countless campaigns and programs to attack this public safety problem. After the officers were hired, Keller said that “we are in a much better position to attack crime from all sides.”

Hmm…73 murders? Don’t think so.

“We need real leadership at the city and state level and make laws that treat criminals like criminals. The days of this soft-on-crime approach must end. Tough talk is one thing. Tough action is another,” said Pearce.


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